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750w Step Through EUY Black Electric Bike 20'x4.0'Fat Tire Foldable E-bike with 48V 16Ah Removable Battery

750w Step Through EUY Black Electric Bike 20'x4.0'Fat Tire Foldable E-bike with 48V 16Ah Removable Battery

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Experience the ultimate convenience and power with our 750w Step Through Electric Bike! With a 48V 16Ah removable battery, you can ride up to 100km in assist mode or 60km in full electric mode at a maximum speed of 48km/h. This foldable e-bike also features a suspension front fork, SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur, and LCD display with USB charging port. Say goodbye to traditional folding frames and hello to a lighter, more secure and anti-theft battery with our innovative design. Don't miss out on this breakthrough in cycling technology!

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  • 750W HIGH-SPEED BRUSHLESS MOTOR: F7 electric bicycle has powerful power. With a peak output of 750w, this motor configuration helps you conquer the most rugged terrain, easily cross 30° slopes. Twisting the throttle, and max speed up to 30 mph, it will let you quickly arrived at the destination.
  • 48V 16AH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: With 48V 20Ah graphene lithium battery, F6 e-bike provides cruising ranging from 40-50 miles (electric mode) to 60-70 miles (assisted mode) once charge, suitable for your day's adventure, commuting or most travel. The battery box is IP4 waterproof and explosion-proof.
  • FOLDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The e bikes for adults adopts aluminum alloy lightweight frame, quickly folded and easily stored on transportation or office. It's ideal for commuting, traveling, and relaxing outdoors in the city. Its handlebar and saddle can be adjusted according to your height.
  • 20" X 4.0" FAT TIRES: Our 20" X 4.0" explosion-proof and puncture-resistant fat tires can offer a smooth ride and provides extra grip and traction on the most challenging routes, taking you to almost unlimited places, the city center, rugged roads, beaches, snowy suburbs, and even urban forests.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Equipped with Shimano 7-speed transmission to increase the climbing ability, you can adjust the speed according to the terrain and the journey. Furthermore, the excellent suspension device can not only achieve better riding effect, but also absorb the shock from the wheels.                                                                                                                                                                     

    Product Quick Overview:

    Frame: Aluminum alloy frame

    Front fork: Suspension front fork

    Battery:48V 16AH Lithium battery

    Motor: 48V 750W rear motor

    Maximum speed: About 48km/h

    Meter: LCD display+USB charging port

    Electric Mode Range: About 60km

    Assist Mode Range: About 100km

    Derailleur: SHIMANO 7 Speed

    Brake: Mechanical disc brake

    Tires: 20"*4.0"

    Rim: Oneset wheel

    Other: Fender / Rear rack

    Weight with battery: 37KG


    Breakthrough the traditional folding frame; dolphin frame; anti-theft battery; battery protection.

    (removable rechargeable battery).                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Sturdy Step-Thru Frame

    EUY F7 is designed by the most popular aluminum ally step-thru frame which is easy to lift your leg over the ebike.

    Sturdy rear rack extend the load capacity up to 120lbs.

    A position for installing a front basket (excluding) is design for storage expansion. Bring more possibilities to your trip!

    Upright Handle

    Riding with relaxed posture to prevent soreness in your back; hips shoulders; knees and wrists.

    Lockable Mechanical Suspension Fork

    Suspension turns off; suitable for road in the city; it makes the frame body more stable. Suspension turns on; suitable for gravel; muddy rugged road; it increases the flexibility and balance of bike front.

    20*4.0" Fat Tires

    All-terrain fat tire: ride comfortable and easy to control balance on city road or more rugged road.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    48V 16AH Large Capacity Battery

    F7 e-bike comes with 48V 16AH large battery and a 750W powerful motor which provides a high speed up to 30+mph shortening your daily commute and ensuring excellent riding experience off-road.                                                                                                                                                                                               

    Riding Requirements All Available

    F7 e-bike comes with Middle LCD Display & Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes & Shimano 7 Speed Gear System & bells &Thumb Throttle. Meet all your needs when riding.                                                    

    Powerful 750W Motor

    A powerful and Reliable Hub-motor is seamlessly integrated into the rear wheel. Speed can reach more than 30mph.

    3 Riding Modes and 5 Power-Assist levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    48V 16Ah Larger lithium-ion Battery Removable

    Featured with a 6-8H fast charging function; the UL Listed 48V/18ah lithium-ion battery allows you to wait only a little charging time before starting the next journey.

    The 16Ah battery is cleverly placed under the saddle; and the battery can be easily removed by pulling up the saddle.

    With the powerful 750W large motor increases the cruising range by 50%. It meets the needs of daily riding; and bids farewell to frequently charging. You can ride at high speeds with just one thumb; or easily pedal. It allows you to get a good exercise experience and not over-stress your knees.

    Shock absorbers

    Our electric bike for adult have lockable shock absorbing front fork reduce more pressure and impulse during riding; greatly improve the riding comfort.You can expect better handling; improved cornering capabilities; and an overall smoother riding experience and make you fall in love with riding

    Mechanical & Shimano Gear System

    High quality; Seven-speed transmission. Powerful braking; safe companionship.

    Throttle twist brings you a cool feeling like riding a motorcycle. Twist the throttle to increase speed and release the throttle to decrease.

    This fat tire electric bicycle is equipped with front and rear disc brakes; and adopts mechanical disc brake to make the braking effect better. Mechanical disc brake can make the braking effect more linear without a sudden feeling; and feel better and more advanced .7 Speed gear increases hill-climbing power; further range variation; and greater terrain adaptability.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    20" x 4" Puncture Resistant Fat Tire

    The tire liner is a line of defense designed to provide extra protection against punctures from thorns; glass; and other small materials; enabling you to ride in sand; snow; and other complex terrains.

    4'' big fat tires e-bikes; a combination of durable and shock absorption; provide you with comfort and stability while riding the e-bike.                                                                                                                                                                                   

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