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Electric mini dirt motorcycle for kids 350w xxxl motorcycle 36V Blue

Electric mini dirt motorcycle for kids 350w xxxl motorcycle 36V Blue

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Get ready to experience the thrill of speed and power with our 36V Electric Mini Dirt motorcycle! With a powerful 350w motor, stepless variable speed drive, and disc brake, this mini motorcycle guarantees steady acceleration and precise control. Plus, its horn, power display, and rate display add convenient features. Suitable for riders aged 14 and up, weighing 176 pounds and above, this motorcycle is perfect for off-road adventures.

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Product Features:

Maximum Load Capacity of 80 kg: Robust enough to accommodate riders of various ages and sizes.

Up to 25 km/h Top Speed on Flat Roads, Continuous Riding for 50 Minutes: Experience swift and enduring rides, ensuring you make the most of every journey.

36V Brushless Motor Drive for Smooth Acceleration: Utilizing advanced brushless motor technology for seamless acceleration without jolts.

Infinite Variable Speed System Resembling Adult Bike Motor Systems: No need for complicated maintenance with this adult-bike-like motor system, ensuring reliability and a silky-smooth acceleration.

Description & Features:

Key Start Power Switch: Easy and convenient operation, allowing you to get going in an instant.
Environmentally Friendly Inflatable Tires: Durable and eco-friendly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
Rear Disc Brake System for Optimal Safety: Provides exceptional braking performance, prioritizing your safety above all else.
Manual Bike Bell Function
Cool LED Display: Featuring a practical manual bike bell function and a stylish LED display, adding both utility and flair to your ride.

Maximum Load:176lbs
 Speed:0-25 km/h 0-15.53MPH
Applicable age:14+ years old
Test standards: ASTM, FCC, GCC FUNCTION:
Rear Disc brake.
Electronic horn
LED display
Continuously variable transmission system
Maximum load capacity of 176 pounds
Key one-key start.
Environmentally friendly inflatable shock-absorbing wheels
Strong off-road capability
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