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Beituo bwracing 1/5 gasoline powered Radio-controlled model racing off-road vehicle BWS-5B2.0

Beituo bwracing 1/5 gasoline powered Radio-controlled model racing off-road vehicle BWS-5B2.0

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Get ready to race with the Beituo bwracing 1/5 gasoline-powered off-road vehicle BWS-5B2.0! With its powerful engine and radio-controlled design, you'll have endless hours of high-speed fun. Perfect for any racing enthusiast, this unique and quirky vehicle is sure to turn heads. (Pun intended!)

Specifications & Features:

1.Based on the original 1.0 version, the front and rear wheelbase is adjusted to ensure flexibility while making high-speed corner control more convenient and further improving vehicle stability.

2.After a long time of testing in various complex terrain and road conditions, we reset the parameters of front and rear shock absorption, synchronously adjust the front and rear shock absorption Angle, so that the overall posture of the vehicle is further improved.

3.The newly created G-X (GriP-X) series of lightweight racing tires can provide sufficient GRIP in different road conditions, and with the newly designed tire nuts, the appearance of the vehicle is further enhanced

4.Compared to the 1.0 version of the whale tail, the new design of the second generation of the tail is more visually aggressive, while providing greater downforce, increasing vehicle stability, and the tail Angle can be adjusted according to road conditions in second gear.

5.This adjustment changed the mediocre shape of the previous generation, and we brought different styles of painted car shells, making the overall appearance more recognizable.

6.The whole car rod is upgraded with new lightweight materials, and the overall weight is reduced by about 3-4 times compared with the previous generation while improving the strength

7.The steering system is changed from the previous generation of double tie rod to DTT series single tie rod steering, which can further increase the steering Angle, reduce the turning radius of the vehicle and improve the pass ability, and at the same time increase the operation convenience of battery replacement.

8.By adjusting the size of the steering gear frame, steering gear arm and other related components, the direction of the output force is always in a horizontal plane when the steering gear is working, and the working efficiency of the steering gear is further improved. At the same time, the steering gear arm was changed from the original plastic material to the CNC aluminum alloy material, and the strength was further increased

9.Engineers have comprehensively upgraded the original direct shaft mechanism, by adding a force release device in the mechanism, so that the vehicle can not only maintain direct power output, but also play a certain buffer protection role in the severe movement of the vehicle transmission system. The support system of the buffer mechanism is replaced by cnc high-strength aluminum alloy simultaneously from the original plastic material to further improve the structural stability. At the same time, we have carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the vehicle gear, and under the multiple collocation, the risk of gear sweeping is further reduced

10.The newly designed air filter system ensures sufficient engine intake, while the imported air filter sponge further reduces the risk of foreign body inhalation during efficient engine operation

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