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Coswheel GT20 Off-road e-bike Equipped with super motor 1000W 48V25AH lithium battery 20"*4.0 fat tires

Coswheel GT20 Off-road e-bike Equipped with super motor 1000W 48V25AH lithium battery 20"*4.0 fat tires

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Experience the thrill of the Coswell GT20 off-road e-bike! Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor and a 48V25AH lithium battery, this bike is perfect for touring, sand, snow, and mountain adventures. Its 20"*4.0 fat tires provide extra stability and control on any terrain. Take on any challenge with the Coswell GT20.

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Order now and feel the thrill of the ride!

Efficient and eco-friendly transportation solution.

 A great value for the price.

It's a reliable and affordable option for those wanting to try electric bikes.

Easy to maneuver.

Highly recommend!

Great option for both commuting and leisurely rides.

Highlights & Features:

  • The coswheel gt20 motorcycle-style electric bike is powered by a powerful brushless DC hub motor with an internal gearbox, a standard high-speed 1000W rear motor,
  • Two-piston oil-hydraulic motorcycle-grade brakes provide plenty of stopping power in all riding conditions and will have you and your electric bike slowing down in no time.
  • A large 4-inch color LCD display clearly shows how your electric bike is being used, and a USB port allows you to connect to your phone.
  • Lithium-ion battery, Noth Ning BMS battery management system, power output stable and strong, the battery life of the same capacity is longer, and the power and speed remain unchanged. Adaptable to high and low temperatures, high discharge without worrying about heavy load.
  • This urban commuter electric bike is made with a 6061-aluminum alloy frame, and the handlebars and saddle height are adjustable for a great riding experience. The GT20 electric mountain bike is equipped with premium 20 × 4.0-inch tires and is designed for riding, snow roads, sandy roads and off-road.


  • 42.52 in. * 23.63 in. * 45.28 in.
  • 85.99 lbs


GT20 1000W Product Parameters:
Motor: 1000W

Material: Aviation aluminum alloy frame 6061

Features: Waterproof rating IP66 for the whole electric bike.

Battery: 48V25Ah

Maximum range (one battery): Pure electric mode: 90-100HP; Range by Assist Mode:130~150HP.

Speed: 45km/h

Net weight: 39KG

Gross weight: 45KG (Size: L180*W60*H115).

Aluminum alloy pedal, with reflector light, 9/16 x2 axle

Tire size: 20"*4.0

Load capacity: 200KG.

Bicycle light: LED reflector LED tail light.

Bicycle horn: electronic horn.

Screen: color screen

Chain: 7-speed anti-rust, 1/2" * 3/32"

Gearbox: Shimano 7-speed drivetrain

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