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HEDA TX19 Electric Mountain 27.5 Tire eBike 500Watt motor 48-volt 15.6 Battery Black

HEDA TX19 Electric Mountain 27.5 Tire eBike 500Watt motor 48-volt 15.6 Battery Black

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Experience the thrill of the open road with our Electric Mountain Bike 27.5 500Watt Black! Featuring a powerful rear mounted 500W motor, this bike offers higher speeds and acceleration for a quick and effortless ride. Conquer any terrain with ease and arrive at your destination faster than ever before. Upgrade to the power of 500W today!


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Order now and feel the thrill of the ride!

Efficient and eco-friendly transportation solution.

 A great value for the price.

It's a reliable and affordable option for those wanting to try electric bikes.

Easy to maneuver.

Highly recommend!

Great option for both commuting and leisurely rides.

Details & Features:


Product specification parameters:

27.5 "; 500-watt octagonal rear mounted motor (cartridge type); Kimmit instrument panel; pneumatic shock absorber front fork; Shimano 27 speed split finger; Shimano oil brake; saddle tube taillight; 27.5 * 2.4 new tires; 48-volt 15.6 ampere high-capacity battery.

Compared to low-power motors; electric bicycles with a rear mounted 500W motor have the following advantages:

1) Higher speed and acceleration: Due to the higher power output of the rear mounted 500W motor; it can provide faster speed and acceleration. This means that cyclists can reach their destination faster and require less time and effort.

2) Better climbing ability: The rear mounted 500W motor can also make it easier for electric bicycles to cope with mountain roads or other terrain obstacles. This is because its higher power output can provide more power; helping riders climb slopes more easily.

3) Higher load capacity: Due to the greater driving force generated by the rear mounted 500W motor; it can easily carry more cargo or passengers and maintain good driving performance. This can make electric bicycles a more practical and economical means of transportation.

4) Longer range: Although the rear mounted 500W motor generates higher power; its range can also be improved. This is because this type of motor has a higher efficiency in use; allowing the battery to use electricity more effectively.

In summary, electric bicycles with a rear mounted 500W motor have faster speed and better acceleration; better climbing ability; higher load capacity; and longer range. These advantages make electric bicycles with a rear mounted 500W motor an excellent choice for transportation; especially when facing mountain roads frequently or carrying more goods or passengers. Large size wheels: 27.5-inch wheels provide better handling and stability; while also better adapting to different road surfaces and complex terrains.

High power motor: The 500-watt octagonal rear mounted motor can provide powerful power support; making cycling easier and more convenient; especially when climbing hills or facing the wind.

Advanced instrument system: The Kinmit instrument can monitor real-time information such as battery level; vehicle speed; mileage; etc.; making it convenient for users to keep track of vehicle status at any time.

Good shock absorption effect: The pneumatic shock absorption front fork can effectively reduce bumps and vibrations; making cycling smoother and more comfortable.

Multi speed transmission system: The Shimano 27 speed split finger can be adjusted according to different road conditions and needs; making cycling more flexible and comfortable.

Reliable braking system: The Shimano oil brake can provide reliable braking effect; ensuring cycling safety.

Safe lighting system: Saddle tube taillights can improve the visibility of nighttime cycling and reduce safety hazards.

Wide tire design: 27.5 * 2.4 genuine new tires can provide greater ground contact area and grip; while also better absorbing impact and vibration.

High-capacity battery: The 48V 15.6Ah high-capacity battery can provide a range of up to 70 kilometers; making it more convenient and practical for users without the need for frequent charging.

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