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GT-C1 Chameleon New Design 750W Mountain Electric Bicycle Out Door With Fat Tire 24'' Ebike

GT-C1 Chameleon New Design 750W Mountain Electric Bicycle Out Door With Fat Tire 24'' Ebike

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Experience the ultimate ride with the GT-C1 Chameleon Mountain Electric Bicycle. With a powerful 750W motor and sturdy fat tires, this ebike is perfect for outdoor adventures. Its sleek and innovative design will have all eyes on you. Get ready to conquer any terrain with the Chameleon!

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Details & Features:

Maximum speed limit 45km/h
Battery life on full charge 70~80km (25℃calm. The speed of 75kg body weight asphalt flat pavement is 20 km/h constant speed measurement)
Battery life on full charge 48V, lithium battery Plastic shell (20.8Ah)
The cell Domestic 18650 power cell
Controller 48V 30A
Meter Middle-set black and white LCD portrait screen
Climbing slope About 30%(slope)It's about 20 degrees (prerequisite: 75Kg)
Ride the road Cement, asphalt pavement, flat dirt pavement, not higher than 5cm steps, not more than 3cm wide channel
Drive mode rear wheel drive
Brake mode (brake handlebars) Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Braking distance 22 km/h speed
1, single brake distance from dry 7m
2. The dry braking distance is 4.4m
Charging time About 6~7h
Charging temperature range usable (-10~40℃)
suggest (-10~30℃)
Applicable to the crowd Height of 1.7m
Headlight When the vehicle is on, the running light is on and the left switch control headlights on / off
Taillight LED taillight
(Running lights on when opening and brake lights on when braking)
Loudspeaker Left switch control
Carframe high-carbon steel
Front wheel Driven wheel 24 * 4.0 (spoke hub) inflatable tire 180 brake disc
Rear-wheel 48V 750W drive wheel 24 * 4.0 inflatable tire 180 brake disc
tire 24 Inch
shock mitigation system Front: air pressure damping; rear: oil pressure damping
working temperature (-10~40℃)
Storage temperature usable (-20~40℃)
Maximum storage time About 150 days
Weel base 1200mm
Ground clearance 120mm
steering angle 54 °
Whether to fold NO
Parking method Parking rack parking
mudguard Bring front and rear fender
Overall dimensions of a car 1880mm*1200mm*780mm
Vehicle protection grade IP34
Charger Input   54.6V  2A
Packing specification: be write
Packaging style Simple
External box material Wood to package
Outbox pattern Simple
packing measurement 1600mm*380mm*900mm
Packaging buffer material EPS
net weight 42.3kg
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