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GT02 Pro (Black) Fat Tires Off Road Electric Bike 1400W Powerful Motor 7 Speed Gears

GT02 Pro (Black) Fat Tires Off Road Electric Bike 1400W Powerful Motor 7 Speed Gears

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Experience the ultimate thrill of off-road riding with the GT02 Pro Electric Bike! Featuring a powerful 1400W motor and 7 speed SHIMANO gears, conquer any terrain with ease. The hydraulic suspension ensures a smooth and stable ride, while the mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. Stay in control with the multifunctional LCD display. Upgrade your adventure now!


  • SHIMANO Gears 7 Speed flywheel: SHIMANO Gear 7 speed helps you can shift to larger gears for uphill riding and downshift to smaller gears for high-speed riding. Combined with Pedal Assist, you can adjust the most appropriate speed to complete your ride.
  • Hydraulic Suspension: for Front & Rear Hydraulic suspension reduces frame vibration when riding on rough roads. Makes for a more stable, comfortable and controllable ride, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence.
  • Mechanical Disc Brake: The powerful mechanical disc brakes provide ample braking power even under the most adverse conditions.
  • Multifunctional LCD Display: It can help riders have a clearer visual experience during the ride, and the screen provides information such as battery level, speed, mileage, and power.
  • USB Charging Port: A USB data cable port is provided on the battery, so when we are riding outdoors and our phone doesn't have enough power, we can plug it into our e-bike's power USB port to charge our phone.


  • 66.15 in. * 28.35 in. * 43.31 in.
  • 77.17 lbs.
  • Free shipping: United States (the 50 States): excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia



Only shipped to the continental United States and cannot reach U.S. islands.


The 20" Inflatable Fat Tire provides increased grip and traction on rough roads. Even in the most challenging terrain and weather conditions, these fat tires will keep you safe and provide you with an easy and smooth ride.

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