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OBARTER-X7 Super Electric Scooter 14 Inch Off Road Tires 4000W*2 Dual Motors 60V 60Ah Battery 90Km/h Max Speed 120kg Load 140KM Range with Seat Black

OBARTER-X7 Super Electric Scooter 14 Inch Off Road Tires 4000W*2 Dual Motors 60V 60Ah Battery 90Km/h Max Speed 120kg Load 140KM Range with Seat Black

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Experience the ultimate ride with the OBARTER-X7 Super Electric Scooter. With dual 4000W motors and 4.2s acceleration, reach a thrilling top speed of 56mph/90kph. Take on any terrain with 14-inch off-road tires, 55% incline rate, and a max range of 140km. Plus, enjoy LED lights, hydraulic suspension, and a sturdy 120kg load capacity. Don't miss out on this powerful and versatile scooter!

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Power Unleashed From 4000W Dual Motors

With its ultra-powerful dual motors, each with a peak output of 4000W, the Obarter X7 has a top speed of 56 mph/90 kph and a 55% slope rate. The 2WD system provides better grip and distributes power to both wheels at all times when riding off-road.

Massive Battery for Further Exploration

Powered by a 3600Wh high-performance removable battery, the Obarter X7 achieves an extended range of up to 124.2 miles (200km) with a cooling system for the controller and battery to ensure safety and longer service life.

Dual Suspensions to Conquer the Fields

The full suspension system gives you extra confidence when going off-roading. It features a full-sized hydraulic front fork with 57mm travel and dual rear shocks in a trailing-arm structure with 50mm travel. Thanks to the advanced suspension system,×7 absorbs most of the bumps on the trails you blast through and gives you extra confidence to go faster at all times.

Thriller Off-road Ride Backed Up by Powerful Brakes

The powerful braking system of Obarter ×7 includes 160mm front hydraulic disc brakes with 2 pistons and dual 160mm rear disc brakes with 4 pistons in total.Together with an extra electronic brake in the rear and the enlarged 14-inch off-road tires. you can stop on a dime when riding at high speeds.

When High Performance Meets Details

LED dual front lights, LED daytime running light, and turning signal lights in the front and back of the scooter for enhanced riding safety.

A Digital LCD Main Display and side controller enable the rider to monitor and adjust riding speed, distance, power, and related data in real-time.

Featuring two 14-inch off-road tubeless pneumatic tires with a width of 92mm for a smooth ride on sand, wetlands, slopes, and tiled floors.

The scooter body can be folded for better portability and the four safety latches ensure the safety and rigidity of the scooter frame.


Type: Electric Scooter
Model: X7
Color: Black

Max Speed: 56 mph/90 kph
Motor: 4000W*2
0-30 mph/0-48 kph Acceleration: 4.2S
Max Incline: 55% slope rate
Max Range: 140km
200km -- in single drive motor with limited 25mph/40 kph
Lithium Battery: 60V 60Ah
Tire: 14-inch tubeless pneumatic fat tires--92mm width
Brake: Full-sized hydraulic front--57mm travel
Dual rear shocks--50mm travel
Max Load: 125kg
Lights: LED dual front lights LED daytime running light
Signal Lights in the front and back
Display: Digital LCD display and side controller
Suspension: a hydraulic front fork
dual rear shocks with trailing-arm structure
IP Rating: IPX5
Charge Time: 12h

Product Weight: 80kg
Package Weight: 92kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 142 x 70x 144cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 167 x 65 x 46cm

1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual


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