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Ridstar Dual Motor & Battery Electric bike 2000W 52V 40Ah Kenda Fat Tire E-bike

Ridstar Dual Motor & Battery Electric bike 2000W 52V 40Ah Kenda Fat Tire E-bike

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Experience the ultimate ride with the RIDSTAR Dual Motor Electric bike! With a powerful 2000W dual motor and a 52V 40Ah battery, this e-bike can handle any terrain. The Kenda Fat Tire provides superior traction for a smooth and comfortable ride. Don't settle for just any e-bike, choose RIDSTAR for an electrifying experience!

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Dual Motors for increased power and performance.

Order now and feel the thrill of the ride!

Efficient and eco-friendly transportation solution.

 A great value for the price.

It's a reliable and affordable option for those wanting to try electric bikes.

Easy to maneuver.

Highly recommend!

Great option for both commuting and leisurely rides.


Highlights & Features:

  • Instantaneous Maximum Power 2000W: Peak Power 3000W.Maximum speed is 60km/h, adaptive power frequency high speed operation
  • Rated power 2000W.peak power 3000W Rated voltage: 52V Battery type. Lithium battery Capacity.40Ah Charging time.5-8 hours.
  • 20-INCH 4.0 TIRE Applicable to all types of roads: New tread texture layout method, rain and snow Roads have stronger anti-slip properties, and the imported rubber is fully compacted You can create a unique way of driving from the road surface you drive on.
  • Removable lithium-ion battery 52 V 40 Ah: This electric bike is equipped with a removable 52 V 40 Ah battery that provides up to 120-180 hp in assisted mode and takes only 5-8 hours to charge. So, you can explore further and go for longer rides without worry.
  • A: total length 69 inches B: Overall height 46 inches C: Wheelbase 45" D: Seat height 36" E: Transverse triangle length 20" F: Cross-section height 33" G: Wheel diameter 23" H: Head tube length 11"
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