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COSWHEEL T20 Road E-Bike 20'x4.0' Fat Tire 500W with 48V20AH Li-ion Battery, Shimano 7 Speed

COSWHEEL T20 Road E-Bike 20'x4.0' Fat Tire 500W with 48V20AH Li-ion Battery, Shimano 7 Speed

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Introducing the Road E-Bike 20'x4.0' Fat Tire 500W! This powerful and versatile bike, featuring a 48V20AH Li-ion battery and Shimano 7 speed, offers a smooth and efficient ride. With a maximum range of 110~130KM and a top speed of 45KM/H, the aluminum alloy frame and mechanical locking front fork provide durability and stability for any terrain. The LCD display, disc brake, horn, and headlights make this bike a true must-have for any adventure seeker.


  • [48V20AH lithium battery] the first electric day you can travel 70 to 80 kilometers. The detached design helps you charge at home or at home.
  • 3 built-in driving modes 3 built-in driving modes, easy switching with the energy button to calmly deal with different driving needs
  • Adapt to road conditions Adaptable to any terrain, its performance cannot be underestimated. 20-inch beach/snow/terrain tires for a variety of surfaces, resistant to impact loads
  • Spring damping system Car-grade cushioning and shock absorption for greater comfort Dual shock absorption system at the front and rear for responsive and smooth operation. The front fork shock absorber is light and strong, while the rear spring dampens. Equipped with shock absorbing tires you are not afraid of bumpy roads.

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Details & Specifications:


Suitable for City, Beach, Snow, Trails and Off-road

Material: 20-inch aluminum alloy frame

Front fork: aluminum leg with mechanical locking front fork

Variable speed: 7SP

Pedal: folding half aluminum pedal

Motor: 48V500W brushless gear motor

Net weight: 35KG

Gross weight: 45KG (Size: L180*W60*H115).

Battery: 48V20AH

Maximum speed: 45KM/H 31 MPH

Maximum range (one battery): Pure electric mode: 70~80KM; Range by Assist Mode:110~130KM.

Tire: CST20"*4.0

Instrument: LCD DISPLAY

Assist: Five ways of assistance

Brake: disc brake, brake switch

Other functions: horn, headlights


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