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ROFUN D5 Beginner Edition 1/5 Scale Gas Buggy RTG

ROFUN D5 Beginner Edition 1/5 Scale Gas Buggy RTG

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Unleash your inner daredevil with the ROFUN D5 Beginner Edition 1/5 Scale Gas Buggy. Get ready for heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled action as you conquer any terrain with this powerful beast. Perfect for beginners, this gas buggy is built for high-speed thrills and daring adventures.

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Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Disc brakes F/R

Two stroke gasoline engine


Description & Features:

Scale 1:5 D5 Buggy 

1. ROFUN 36CC single cylinder dual ring air-cooled two stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine

2. Body length x width x height LxWxH: 850x470x320mm

3. Track width: 400 mm

4. Wheelbase: 570 mm

5. 5mm CNC integrated hard anodized aluminum alloy chassis

6. 4WD Shaft-driven bicycle system, 7mm front short drive shaft, 7mm rear long drive shaft

7. Front and rear metal differentials, medium direct drive large teeth

8. Front and rear disc brakes

9. CNC direct drive large tooth metal bracket

10. Metal clutch cup support cover

11. 8000 RPM wear-resistant clutch

12. Integrated clutch cup

13. Front and rear 7mm hydraulic shock absorption

14. D5/T5 small nail tire (sealed wheel hub)

15. New BER-TRC4 LCD Remote Control

17. 40KG digital metal gear accelerator steering gear (CNC metal double-sided slot steering gear arm)

18. 40KG digital metal gear Steering engine X2 dual steering gear structure (CNC steering gear arm)

19. Stainless steel exhaust pipe

20. 700ml large capacity injection molding transparent oil kettle

21. PC material car shell

22. Front and rear collision avoidance

23. New proportioning kettle

24. Net weight: 15.5kg; Gross weight: 20kg

25. Packaging size: 875mm x 515mm x 320mm

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